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Green Hystrix Seriatopora (birds nest)
Green Hystrix Seriatopora (birds nest)

Green Hystrix Seriatopora (birds nest)

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Coral Information:

Type: Hystrix Seriatopora
Name: Green Hystrix Seriatopora
Size: 40mm+ height
Difficulty to keep Level: Medium (Great starter SPS)
Fixing: Small Frag plug
Lighting: High, photo under T5's & LED
Flow: Medium / Strong
Temperament: Peaceful


This frag comes from a colony grown here in the UK from a single frag. Grows quickly, requires good flow and bright light. 

We recommend systems establish at least a year, before SPS is added and daily automated dosing to keep your perimeters stable.

NOTE: We will send you a frag similar to this coral and a minimum size of 40mm + in height