Healthy Corals

Here at Coral HQ, we make sure all our corals are healthy, from the mother colonies to the frags.

So we can keep a close eye on any individual coral, we number our trays and log any individual corals that need special monitoring, giving them the care they need.
We have a clear policy and treat all types of corals individually. We frag mainly from the mother colony on a regular basis, but also from the frags themselves and we don't work to the 2 week rule!

Soft Corals
We like to leave these corals growing for 10 - 12 weeks (3 months) before they are ready for sale. Some grow so quickly, we will be able to release these earlier, but we have to be happy the corals are ready for their new homes.

LPS Corals
Our range of LPS is growing and some corals we will keep for up to 2 years before selling any frags, but most frags will be ready after being left to grow for 6 months.

SPS Corals
These corals we will keep for approx 8 months before becoming available for sale. We want to see the coral has had significant growth, this way, you'll know you're putting a healthy coral in your system.


If you'd like to more about the origin of a coral frag for sale or how to care for it, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help.



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