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Reef Zlements



Reef Zlements created in 2020 is a UK based, family run and owned business set up by reefers to help other like minded hobbyists provide the best conditions for their tank, now and always.

Their interest for all things aquatic spans over 30 years starting with the customary freshwater tank to our current mixed reef. Their passion for marine life stems from being avid, certified divers completing countless dives all over the world. This has not only provided them with vital knowledge and experience, but also a strong foundation. This, coupled with their academic Chemistry background, has led to implementing and forming Reef Zlements.

​At Reef Zlements, you will find all your requirements fulfilled to keep a living, thriving ecosystem; quality products and support at the correct price.

​Reef Zlements products are quality assured through strict controlled laboratories using multiple analysis methods, thus giving you the confidence and reassurance of what you put into your reef is uncompromised. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced reefer, count on us, entrust us and in return we will provide you with quality products and guidance every step of the way, after all, they're first and foremost hobbyists!