Delivery to the UK from only £10 (Dry goods from £5) & FREE DELIVERY on all orders over £75*
Delivery to the UK from only £10 (Dry goods from £5) & FREE DELIVERY on all orders over £75*
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About Us

We originally started fragging corals as a hobby, a way to meet people locally who kept marine aquariums and through swapping expand my coral collection.

In April 2019, we decided to turn a hobby in to a business, renting a small unit in Hampshire. Here we started to design and build a dedicated corals facility.... the size not seen before here in the UK. So far, we've built three systems, focusing on sustainable UK grown corals. One for soft corals, one for LPS and one for SPS.

Knowing every frag sold, is potentially saving corals from being taken from the reefs around the world. Every Coral or dry goods product you buy from us, you know you are contributing to coral research.

This makes us arguably the largest professional coral provider in the UK, if not Europe and it doesn't stop there.... that's just a splash in the ocean!!!

The research system was set up in July 2019 and will help us to look at how we can promote coral growth & feed back our findings to aid the repairing of coral reefs around the world.

This Autumn will see the launch of a series of YouTube videos 'how to set up and run a reef system for under £200 and The 'you can frag it' program, guiding you though how to frag at home, is still in development and will be launched soon.

We are fast being renowned for supplying quality corals at great prices and with over 42 years of marine keeping experience, Rob and Emma, we will offer help and advice too for all aspects of marine keeping.

 We understand the importance of supplying quality corals. Below demonstrates our commitment to quality and sustainability:

Soft Corals
We like to leave these corals growing for 10 - 12 weeks (3 months) before they are ready for sale. Some grow so quickly, we will be able to release these earlier, but we have to be happy the corals are ready for their new homes.

LPS Corals
Our range of LPS is growing and some corals we will keep for up to 2 years before selling any frags, but most frags will be ready after being left to settle and grow for 5 - 6 months, maybe longer.

SPS Corals
These corals we will keep for approx five months before becoming available for sale. We want to see the coral has had significant growth, this way, you'll know you're putting a healthy coral in your system.

It's important for us with all our corals, we see growth. This tells us the corals are healthy and ready for a new home.

(Some corals grow so quickly, we can't keep them for these times, but you can be assured they have been given the chance to heal and grow)
We have recently teamed up with suppliers who adopt our same ethos around coral frags, to bring you a wider choice of corals. (if a coral frag has come from a supplier, we will tell you on the listing)

This has also seen us start to supply colonies. We have been asked so many times if we can get quality colonies to support customers who know the quality of our livestock is at the highest quality.

Animal Welfare licence:

Licence No 21/03173/LIANWE Winchester City Council

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