This is really exciting for us. We've always been fascinated with corals, how coral grows the way it does and we've always believed the hobby will help scientists save the reefs.

At Coral HQ, we have set up a 5ft x 2ft x 2.5ft research system. It was set up in July 2019 and still maturing.





Once we are ready, we'll be working to answer the question:

Do the materials corals attach to have an effect on growth rate? And does the size of the frag aid faster growth?

 Working with Artecology, to design the landscape, the system will look like a display system as well as a research system.


We have set up a nano system with materials supplied by Artecology. (More pictures of this will follow)


Our research doesn't just stop at Coral HQ, we are also supporting Oxford University with their coral research set up.

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