ATM Agent Green Phosphate Remover 4oz


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4OZ bottle treats  4,731litres at 1ppm

ATM Agent Green a safe, non-toxic phosphate remover made from a solution of mineral particles. Lanthanum Chloride works as an organic ion exchanger, highly selective towards calcium & phosphate irons. ATM Agent Green significantly reduces phosphates and clarifies

Directions of Use:

Use if phosphate levels are .1 ppm or greater. ATM Agent Green may create a temporary cloud in the aquarium. This will clear rapidly.

Shake well before use. Add to high flow area directly into the aquarium, preferably before mechanical filtration. In reef systems with sumps, add just before the overflow.

DO NOT remove more than 1 PPM of phosphate per day, Add 1ml per 38L (10 gal) for 1ppm removal. DO NOT OVERDOSE

KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. It is not for human consumption. No need for refrigeration. If swallowed, seek immediate medical advice.

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