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Feather Duster Fan Worm (Collection only)


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Name: Feather Duster (Sabellastarte Indica)
Approx size: Medium
Stocking level: n/a
Minimum age of system: 6 months +
Sand required: Yes and rock rubble
Feeding: Omnivore


These corals can be very rewarding. They are not the easiest of corals to keep. Best placed on the sand of your reeftank surrounded by rock rubble.

Be careful when adding with established fish like tangs, Wrasse, Triggers and Angel Fish as they can eat the crown. More suited for nano systems.

The Crown fan when out, will catch food, but if disturbed, the crown will quickly retract back.

If stressed, the crown may pop off and the coral will need to grow a new one. This can take a lot of it's energy and eventually kill the coral completely.

Feed with reefroids, Phytoplankton or liquid foods.

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