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Soft Coral Starter Pack


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Coral Information:

Type: Soft Coral Starter Pack
Each pack has:
1 x GSP type A
1 x GSP type B
1 x Galactic Mushroom
1 x Sinularia Leather Coral (approx 1" high)
1 x Green Cabbage Coral
2 x 7+ Polyp Zoa (random selected, but with colour)
2 x 5+ Polyp Zoa (random selected, but with colour)
1 x 1Polyp Paly


This is a fantastic Starter pack of corals for the beginner. the Value of these corals is £74.50.

All corals have been rested for over 3 months since fragging, so you know you are putting the best corals in your system.


WE will select the zoas from our selection of over 1,600 frags ready for sale.

NOTE: Zoas contain palytoxin so take care when handling these corals

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