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Soft Coral Starter Pack

Soft Coral Starter Pack

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Coral Information:

Type: Soft Coral Starter Pack
Each pack has:
1 x GSP type A
1 x Marble Mushroom
1 x Cladiella Leather Coral (approx 1" high)
4 x 4 Polyp Zoa
1 x 7 Polyp Zoa
1 x 3 Polyp Zoa
1 x 2 Polyp Paly


This is a fantastic Starter pack of corals for the beginner. The Value of these corals is approx £64

All corals have been rested for over 3 months since fragging, so you know you are putting the best corals in your system.

 You will receive the corals pictured

NOTE: Zoas contain palytoxin so take care when handling these corals