Spiny Astrea Snail
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Spiny Astrea Snail

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Name: Spiny Astrea Snail
Approx size: Small - medium
Stocking level: MAX 1 snail per square foot
Minimum age of system: 3 months
Sand required: N/A
Feeding: Algae



This snail is great for keeping your aquarium algae under control and is know for tacking hair algae off rocks.

Although this snail will also clean algae off glass, it's not a snail know for climbing. They have difficulties righting themselves if they fall on their back, so daily observations are advised.

Give space and hiding holes for this snail to thrive.

Like all Snails, the Astrea is sensitive to high nitrite levels, so we advise waiting for your systems to be stable before adding these snails to your system.

You can supplement these snails with plant based food, like algae pellets or Nori seaweed.

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