SPS Coral Starter Pack
SPS Coral Starter Pack

SPS Coral Starter Pack

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Coral Information:

Type: SPS Coral Starter Pack
Each pack has:
1 x Red Plating montipora (Large Plug)
1 x Green plating Montipora (Large Plug)
1 x Tan Digi Montipora (approx 2" high +)
1 x Pink Hystrix Seriatopora (approx 1" high +)
1 x Green Hystrix Seriatopora (Approx 2" high +)
1 x Purple Stylophora pistillata (approx 1" High +)


This is a fantastic Starter pack of corals for anyone who's looking to get into SPS.The Value of these corals is £71.

We advise you put these corals into an established tank (around 12 months older +) and dosing your system. 

WE will select the corals from our selection of over 2,000 frags ready for sale, so Size may vary.

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