Two Little Fishies ReVive Coral Cleaner 500ml


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Two little fishes ReVive coral Cleaner is the original powerful surface cleaning formula developed by Julian Sprung for dipping cnidarians such as live stony and soft corals, sea anemones, zoa and mushrooms.

Based on plant extracts, it isn’t harsh on cnidarian tissues the way iodine based dips are. 

When to use:

For use in a dip or bath during the acclimatisation of live corals and anemones to your aquarium. For rinsing newly fragged corals during coral propagation and washing injured or damaged corals, Zoas and anemones. 

Directions of use:

Mix 4 capfuls (40ml) of ReVive per gallon (3.8L) of clean saltwater at room temperature in a container suitable for bathing / dipping corals. Dip corals in this mixture for at least a few minutes up to 15 minutes, whilst gently swirling it or using an air stone for agitation. After the dip, remove the corals from the Revive / Saltwater mixture and place in a container with your tank water and swirl around. then place the coral into your aquarium with moderate flow.

The ReVive / Saltwater mix mat be used for cleaning other corals, but discard after 1hour.



For cleaning live corals and anemones only. ReVive is not a medication, nor is it intended to be a substitute for any medication. NOT for use as a household cleaner. NOT for human consumption, NOT for use with fish intended for human consumption.

KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Keep lid tightly sealed. In case of contact, wash immediately from skin and clothing with plain soap and water. If swallowed, DO NOT induce vomiting. Drink a full glass of water and speak to your doctor. Irritating to eyes upon contact. In case of eye contact, flush eyes with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes.

We advise wearing Gloves and safety glasses when handling this product.


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